EGO Universalvlies
Standard Sizes
75 mm 612075070 25 m/Rol.
100 mm 612010070 25 m/Rol.
150 mm 612015070 25 m/Rol.
Special dimensions on request
is a highly adhesive fleece foil tape with one adhesive side for sealing of window joints. Thanks to its variable SD value, the tape is suitable for sealing both inside and outside. EGO universal fleece is highly adhesive and can be plastered over or painted. The foil tape is elastic and can also be handled at low temperatures.
Meets the requirements of

egopren c1
Width/Roll mm  / 
For Joint/ Widthmm
Article No.
(m/Rol.) /
10/3 611031081 10/11 piece
10/3-6 611061081   8/11 piece
15/7-12 611071581 4,3/ 7 piece
20/5-9 611052081 5,6/ 5 piece
20/9-15 611092081 3,3/ 5 piece
25/7-12 611072581 4,3/ 4 piece
25/9-15 611092581 3,3/ 4 piece
25/10-18 611102581 4,5/ 9 piece
30/9-15 611093081 3,3/ 3 piece
30/10-18 611103081 4,5/ 8 piece
30/13-24 611133081 5,2/10 piece
40/17-32 611174081   4/ 7 piece
40/28-40 611284081 2,7 /7 piece

* Minimum order quantity on request
Special dimensions on request.

EGOPREN C1 is a precompressed, impregnated polyurethane soft foam sealant strip that is self-adhesive on one side, meets the requirements of DIN 18542-BG1 and is hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102 (general building inspection test certificate available). The product is supplied in rolls. After positioning, the material expands gradually according to temperature and adapts to the width of the joint and to uneven surfaces. EGOPREN C1 is resistant to weathering, UV radiation and driving rain acc. to DIN 18055, water vapour permeable, waterproof as well as paint compatible. It is free from CFC and chlorinated substances. For sealing exterior wall joints in the building construction, the construction of prfabricated concrete elements, for timber, masonry, metal, as perimeter seal around doors and windows as well as for sealing roofs, concervatories and ventilation systems.
Meets the requirements of
IVD Instruction Sheets No. 9; 19-1; 19-2; 20; 24; 26; 28; 29; 31; 35
(IVD = German Sealant Manufacturers' Association)
VOC emission according to
- AgBB 2015

egopren c3
Size delivered
Width/Roll mm
For Joint/Width mm
Article No.
66/5-10 608056681 9/3
66/7-15 608076681 6/3
77/5-10 608057781 9/3
77/7-15 608077781 6/3
* Mimimum order quantity on request
Special dimensions on request.
Is a pre-compressed, one-side self-adhesive sealant strip wound on rolls that is made of polyurethane soft foam with a special synthetic resin impregnation. EGOPREN C3 has a special one-sided side-surface impregnation and this gives the sealant strip different vapour diffusion properties. EGOPREN C3 means that a total of three sealant products can be replaced with just one. It provides air-tight sealing of the connection joints of windows and doors that is also impervious to driving rain while also providing heat-insulating properties across the entire building depth. The inserted sealant strip relaxes depending on the temperature and time and, in this way, adapts to the width of the joints and the uneven surfaces of the building parts. The sealant strip is weather and UV resistant. 
Meets the requirements of
Construction material class B1 hardly inflammable

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